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Al Dahra Bio Agri

Al Dahra Bio Agri, part of the Saltarelli and Migiani Group based in Italy, is a leading company that specializes in international forage trading and distribution. Being a player in the forage trading business for over forty five years, the group has gained great knowledge and expertise in different forage production categories.

Al Dahra Bio Agri applies a careful qualification methodology when selecting its preferred suppliers for various traded commodities. This diligent selection practice includes thorough quality checks, which is key for ensuring that the company is providing its end customers with products that meet their expectations and specific requirements consistently and uniformly across all seasons and all times of the year.

Al Dahra Bio Agri marketing routes are mainly focused on the Middle East region, namely the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait. Al Dahra Bio Agri has also a leading market position in Mediterranean countries like Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Greece and Malta. Furthermore, the company puts great emphasis on developing its business in the Far East (Japan, Korea and Vietnam) and North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia and Libya).

Al Dahra Bio Agri offers a wide range of bale products with different packaging options suitable for container transport. The product range includes dehydrated alfalfa, rye grass, Italian spring forage, fescue, oaten hay and straw. In addition, it offers a selection of pellet products supplied loose or in different size bags, suitable for both vessels and container shipments. The pelletized products include dehydrated alfalfa, hay, straw, high fiber pellets, sugar beet pulp, cotton seed, yellow corn, DDGS products and rice husk pellets amongst others.

Al Dahra Bio Agri is a pioneer in developing a wide range of innovative forage products that can be adapted to customer requirements and product specifications. As part of its product innovation strategy, the company collaborates with various academic institutions, forage experts and dairy nutritionists to develop new product formulations for different animal feed uses. Through this continuous investment in research and development, Al Dahra Bio Agri has developed a competitive edge that positions the group as a trendsetter in the industry.


group annual forage production and supply capacity

40 +

forage and roughage product categories and grades


forage pressing plants and production facilities

30 +

countries with established market presence and track record


forage importer and supplier into the Middle East and Asia markets


forage customer of the ports of Los Angeles and Barcelona

Etihad Mills

Grain biggest trading hub in the Middle East, that can cater to 2.4 Billion people.

Al Dahra ACX Global

Al Dahra ACX Global number 1 forage exporter in the USA for 2015

ISO 9001:2015

Al Dahra Agriculture is ISO 9001:2015 certified.