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Al Dahra South Africa

South Africa

Al Dahra South Africa was formed in 2012 in Durban as a greenfield development initiative by Al Dahra with the purpose of sourcing alfalfa and different varieties of grass for the forage and dairy industry.

The market entry into South Africa comes as part of Al Dahra’s strategy to diversify its sources of forage supply and to create a balance between investments in the Northern and Southern hemispheres of the globe; hence mitigating climate change risks and other economic risks. In addition, the establishment of a presence in South Africa contributes to further expand the company’s forage cultivation and production global capacity. It is expected that Al Dahra South Africa will source about 50,000 MT of alfalfa per year on the short-term, hence contributing to the group’s overall growth in supply volumes.

Al Dahra South Africa has built very solid relationships with local farmers, forage growers and agriculture cooperative and has secured procurement contracts with key market players. Furthermore, it has identified various farming land opportunities to start its own forage cultivation in South Africa, acquiring about 10,000 acres of land. The acquired land is located in an area that is well-known for being very fertile with high yield returns, well irrigated with a highly favorable climate for the cultivation of alfalfa in particular.

In addition to investing in growing farming projects, Al Dahra South Africa is currently investing in setting up a forage factory and building local logistical services to facilitate the export out of South Africa to different target markets in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


group annual forage production and supply capacity

40 +

forage and roughage product categories and grades


forage pressing plants and production facilities

30 +

countries with established market presence and track record


forage importer and supplier into the Middle East and Asia markets


forage customer of the ports of Los Angeles and Barcelona

Etihad Mills

Grain biggest trading hub in the Middle East, that can cater to 2.4 Billion people.

Al Dahra ACX Global

Al Dahra ACX Global number 1 forage exporter in the USA for 2015

ISO 9001:2015

Al Dahra Agriculture is ISO 9001:2015 certified.