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Al Dahra owns and operates Agricost SA, the largest consolidated farm in Europe, spread over 56 thousand hectares, situated on Braila Island in Romania, 160Km away from Bucharest and 130Km away from Constanta port.

Braila Island consists of 29 adjacent farms, connecting to form a remarkable compacted area with a highly fertile land profile and access to the Danube River from all sides. The farming conglomeration produces more than 500 thousand metric tons, annually, of various types of Winter and Summer crop varieties, such as wheat, barley, soya beans, sunflowers and corn. The farms also have the capacity to produce approximately 300 thousand metric tons of alfalfa and mixed grasses for animal feed consumption, with the ability to produce one million metric tons, per year, should the whole area be cultivated for alfalfa and grasses.

In order to facilitate trade and overseas supply, there are five ports at different strategic points of the island, rendering the logistical set up very convenient for goods movement and vessels loading. In addition there are storage silos built on the island, with the capacity to store more than 40 thousand metric tons, facilitating shipment to the grain hub that Al Dahra owns and operates at the Fujairah port in UAE, with 20 silos and the capacity to hold 300 thousand metric tons.