Food Crowd to host Ramadan Cooking series

The holy month of Ramadan is a perfect time for families to gather, and share a meal with their loved ones. This Ramadan, Food Crowd will showcase 30 recipes throughout the month of Ramadan, on its new cooking series titled “Ramadan with Food Crowd”.

The show will be hosted by popular chef Influencers in the UAE. Chef Suad, better known as @ladyspatula, Chef Um Rashid @chef_um.r, Chef Ali – @chefalyofficial and Chef Intissar – @chefintissar. The show will also feature popular influencers as guests.

The cooking series will air on Youtube and IGTV throughout the month of Ramadan displaying local, middle eastern, and international recipes that are popular during the holy month, using the best from Food Crowd.

“We are excited that our platform will bring together some of our community’s well-known chef Influencers to cook some of their favourite recipes for the holy month. Our aim is to build a food community and provide our viewers with creative food ideas, encouraging them to cook at home owing to the current limitations in social interactions.” Says Ronald Muzambe, Head of e-commerce at Food Crowd.

Food Crowd is a modern-day online grocery one-stop-shop that sources and delivers fresh, high-quality produce directly from their own farms. It has been designed with innovation and convenience all in a bid to bring communities together.

Food Crowd, the only crowd you want to be part of!

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