Al Dahra BayWa – Innovative Farming for a Sustainable Future

By Georg Czerny
Managing Director Al Dahra BayWa Agriculture LLC
July 01, 2021

Al Dahrwa Baywa is using revolutional farming techniques to provide solutions for local, sustainable and competitive food production. A combination of innovativeness, data management, latest technology and a dedicated and passionate team of agricultural experts have allowed the company to strengthen its contribution to the local UAE food security.

Using modern sustainable agriculture practices helps Al Dahra BayWa in variety selection, yield maximization, productivity maximization, plant health, and resource saving. The locally grown premium quality tomatoes under the Mahalli brand name are delivered from Al Dahra BayWa’s facility in Al Ain to supermarkets, restaurants, retail stores and food suppliers across the country. Located just a few kilometers from Al Ain’s town center the Al Dahra Baywa project spans over 12 hectares of land, with 11 hectares dedicated to a semi-closed greenhouse. Al Dahra BayWa built a hi-tech infrastructure, manned by a team of experts to sustainably grow premium tomatoes year-round.

The facility optimizes production-related processes and leverages modern farming technologies and has expanded the range of locally grown premium tomatoes to six varieties since its establishment, demonstrating its capabilities to grow crops all year round despite the challenging climate.

Al Dahra BayWa further uses a state-of-the-art harvesting and packaging system. This hi-tech system includes automated sorting, grading, and packaging. The entire process requires very minimal human intervention. It also uses top-seal packaging to ensure maximum product freshness.

As an environmentally responsible company, Al Dahra BayWa yields its high-quality tomatoes using innovative, sustainable farming methods with a 100 per cent irrigation recirculation process and the most water-efficient system with 80 per cent less irrigation water used compared to traditional open-field farming. The tomatoes are grown under comprehensive quality and hygiene management ensuring they meet European food quality standards. One of Al Dahra’s main objectives is to support the country’s food security strategy through sustainable agricultural practices.


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