What innovation and investments are needed for sustainable and productive water use?

By Dr. Sulaiman Rashed Al Nuaimi
CEO – Government Relation
May 21, 2021

Improved water management strategies – where combined with agronomic practices, such as improved varieties – will be a crucial component to reduce water risks and attain potential yields in agriculture for improved food security and nutrition. These strategies are expected to help deal with climate change, although considerable uncertainty about the impacts and the effectiveness of adaptations remains. Farmers’ incentives to adopt water management strategies, and to change their water use and management behavior will depend on the level of water accessibility, the magnitude of water shortages and scarcity, and the level of uncertainty under a changing climate. Nonetheless, since agriculture places one of the greatest demands on freshwater around the globe, helping farmers to reduce their water footprint can go a long way in conserving one of nature’s most precious resources. Here are two innovative investments that could help farmers make sustainable and productive use of their water.

Improved Irrigation Systems
Irrigation is one of the greatest innovations to hit agribusiness. If done right, it allows for farmers to produce more crops even with water scarcity. Nevertheless, the type of irrigation method you use can prove detrimental to your goal of water-saving. Investing in drip or pipe irrigation methods assist in decreasing evaporation and save up to 80% more water. Since these methods are close to the plant, they deliver water colse to the soil or directly into it allowing the whole quantity of water to reach the plants’ roots.

Soil Management
Your soil is what absorbs, transmits, and holds the water for your crops, making it a key resource in assisting to conserve water. Investing in proper soil management can help the soil better hold moisture and oxygen, increasing plant production, as well as, conserving more water.

The fact is due to overpopulation, we need more water than ever before. Unfortunately, the planet cannot replenish the water sources as fast as the population is growing. Now more than ever, it is imperative we necessary steps to sustainably conserve the water we have left. If more farmers can adopt more water management strategies like above, it can go a long way in ensuring more sustainable and productive use.

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