Al Dahra Edge and the geographic diversification strategy

Al Dahra has a geographic diversification strategy and has an established presence in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The company’s access to different sources of production enables Al Dahra to supply agricultural products all year round. This also allows us to reduce the various global risks affecting agriculture, including climate change, shortages of supply, unexpectedly low yields, international commodity price fluctuations, currency variations, and supply chain challenges.

Unique Added Value 

Out business model is based on an end-to-end supply chain, encompassing farming, processing, packing, storing, shipping, distribution and marketing. Al Dahra owns and operates its own lands, production facilities and factories, with full control over the company’s operations and product quality.

Competitive Products 

Al Dahra has created reliable logistics operations and infrastructure to support our business. We have joint venture agreements with supply chain operators and have invested in warehousing facilities and inland transportation capabilities in key trading hubs around the globe. Our established relationships with major international shipping lines and ports allow Al Dahra to leverage business volumes and scale to reduce logistics costs and move goods more efficiently.

Ongoing Investments

Al Dahra has consistently invested in the latest farming and irrigation systems, processing and production technologies, and product sorting, grading and packing equipment. We continually implement the agricultural sector’s best practices in order to improve the quality of delivery across all stages of our company’s operations. Al Dahra is also a pioneer in investing in research, development, and product innovation, working closely with academic professors and with farming, feed, and food experts. 

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