Recognizing climate change challenges

Al Dahra recognizes the challenges posed by climate change, global warming, the decrease in agricultural land, and the diminishing water resources available for farming around the world. We also recognize the stresses placed on the agricultural sector by population growth, the volatility of raw materials and transportation costs, and reduced global investments in food and agricultural development. Al Dahra is fully committed to improving the availability, accessibility, and affordability of essential crops and food commodities.

Water and food security are at the core of Al Dahra’s business strategy and the company has invested in international initiatives to strengthen food security and farming sustainability. 

  • Dedicating a share of agricultural production for local consumption 
  • Upgrading of local infrastructure for the development of agricultural sectors 
  • Generation of local employment opportunities
  • Support for small-scale local farmers in rural agricultural regions 
  • Increase port and railway export volumes 

In the United Arab Emirates Al Dahra has partnered with the government’s food security vision, aimed at preserving national water resources and ensuring self-sufficiency and sustainability of key commodities. In addition, Al Dahra has also created a strategic domestic reserve for emergencies by employing continuous stock rotation. 

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