An Integrated & Unique Business Model

Widespread global investments and geographic footprint

  • Undisrupted supply all year-round and across all seasons
  • Widely Spread supply sources leading to stable supply
  • Mitigation against climate change risks
  • Mitigation against economic and trade risks
  • Strong position to face commodity price volatility

Integrated investment approach and business model

  • End to end control over the supply process
  • Full integration of supply, demand and logistics
  • In-house farming and long-term supply contracts
  • Improved control over quality of products
  • Reduced cost and increased competitiveness

Global logistics capabilities and strong relations with ports and shipping lines

  • In-house logistics arm to manage local logistics
  • Competitive shipping rates leveraging group volumes
  • One-stop solution for inland transport and storage
  • Continuous delivery service on key trade lanes
  • Access to world-class logistics infrastructure

Commitment to ensure long-term food security addressing trade challenges

  • Long-term Government contracts and volumes
  • Emergency stock reserves rotated at all times
  • Agility of supply in times of global shortages
  • Guaranteed product availability for rushed orders
  • Ability to maneuver sourcing from various origins

Procurement and Sourcing

Farming and Cultivation

Milling and Processing

Storage and Warehousing

Shipping and Distribution