Superior Dairy production infrastructure

Dairy Channel

  • 19,000 milking cows across the UAE and Serbia
  • 50,000 liters of fresh milk daily

Cheese Production

  • Cheese production facilities in UAE
  • 50 tons of cheese produced annually
  • 13 types of cheeses: Halloumi, Bulgari,Nabulsi, Shilal, Akawi, Shanklish,Kashkaval, Majdouli, Baladi

Serbia PKB

  • 7 dairy farms
  • 58 million liters a year
  • 16,000 the herd

Al Ain Farms

Approximately 3,200 Cattle (1,620 Holstein cows & 1,400 Holstein Heifers)

Average Rolling herd average RHA ( 9,200 Liters per cow per year

Average daily production of 40,000 liters of fresh milk

Planning to expand our operations by establishing a new milking parlor with the capacity to milk about 2,000 cows simultaneously