Superior Dairy Production Infrastructure

Fresh Milk

  • 19,000 milking cows across the UAE and Serbia
  • 50,000 litres of fresh milk daily

Cheese Production

  • Cheese production facilities in UAE
  • 50 MT of cheese produced annually
  • 13 types of cheeses: Halloumi, Bulgari, Nabulsi, Shilal, Akawi, Shanklish, Kashkaval, Majdouli, Baladi and others

Serbia PKB

  • 7 dairy farms
  • 58 million litres a year
  • 16,000 the herd

Al Ain Farms

Approximately 3,200 Cattle (1,620 Holstein cows and 1,400 Holstein Heifers)

Average Rolling herd average RHA (9,200 Litres per cow per year

Average daily production of 40,000 litres of fresh milk

Planning to expand our operations by establishing a new milking parlour with the capacity to milk about 2,000 cows simultaneously