Forage & Feed

Geographically Spread Operations

  • 3.5M MT sourcing and supply capacity annually
  • 1.7 million MT in-house forage farming and production
  • 30 processing and balling plants globally
  • Long-term agreements with forage farmers and growers
  • Geographically diverse footprint across continents
  • Leading position in Asia and the Middle East
  • Long-term supply contract with the UAE government
  • 40+ products portfolio including different varieties and grades
  • Presence across the entire supply chain (farming, sourcing,  processing, and distribution…)
  • Leading market position across the GCC, Far East, North Africa, Levant and Mediterranean countries
  • Pioneer in innovative forage products development

Dairy Channel

  • Dry Cows
  • Transitioning Cows
  • Lactating Cows
  • Milking Cows

Livestock Channel

  • Camels
  • Sheep
  • Goats
  • Beef Cattle

Other Channel

  • Horses
  • Rabbit
  • Poultry

Forage, Roughage, Grasses

Feed Commodities

Additives and Supplements

Animal Feed

A rich and diverse product portfolio


Hay Products

Suncured Alfalfa
Dehydrated Alfalfa
Oaten Hay
Ryegrass Hay
Bluegrass Hay
Timothy Hay

Grass Products

Available in both Suncured and Dehydrated forms

Rhodes Grass
Sudan Grass
Bermuda Grass
Fescue Grass
Klein Grass


Straw Products

Ryegrass Straw
Fescue Straw
Bluegrass Straw
Wheat Straw
Barley Straw
Rice Straw
Oaten Straw

Other Hay Products

Blended Hay
Corn Silage


Hay & Straw Pellets

Alfalfa Pellets
Rice Husk Pellets
High Fibre Pellets
Wheat Bran Pellets
Wheat Straw Pellets
Ryegrass Pellets

Other Commodities

Sugar Beet Pulp
Feed Barley
Feed Wheat
Feed Corn
Citrus Pulp
Sunflower Meal I Seed
Rapeseed Meal l Seed
Soybean Meal l Seed
Fish Meal
Palm Kernal Expeller
Compound Commodity

Additives and


Vitamins and Minerals
Amino Acids


TMR Feeds
Engineered-to-Order Feeds



Wide spread forage farming and processing operations



  • Top US forage exporter to the Asia and the Middle East
  • Awarded the US presidential “E” award for exports
  • 40 years of leading industry experience
  • Farms in Arizona and Southern California
  • 30K acres of farming land for forage cultivation
  • 3 processing plants in Washington State, California, Arizona
  • 700K MT annual processing and trading capacity


  • Largest forage producer in Spain and across Europe
  • 22K acres of farming land for forage cultivation
  • 5 processing plants in Ivars, Bellvis, Linyola, Bujaraloz, vilasama
  • 650K MT annual trading and sourcing capacity
  • Cutting-edge dehydration and packing technologies
  • Well-equipped warehousing and storage facilities
  • Modern in-house laboratory for forage nutritional testing
  • Long-term relations with the port of Barcelona


  • Leader in forage and feed trading and distribution
  • 650K MT annual trading capacity
  • Long standing relations with preferred suppliers


  • Grain sales
  • Animal husbandry and fishery feed sales
  • Agricultural and side-line products sales
  • Trade brokerage
  • Social and economic consulting services and technology import and export


  • Own farming coupled with long-term exclusive supply
  • Agreements with forage producers and alfalfa growers
  • 24K acres of farming land for forage cultivation
  • 3 processing plants in Prundu, Visani, Lebada
  • 300K MT annual processing capacity
  • State-of-the-art processing and packing facilities


  • Own farming capabilities with the infrastructure to work with forage producers and alfalfa growers
  • 10K acres of farming land for forage cultivation
  • 1 processing plant in Belgrade
  • 130K MT annual processing capacity


  • Sourcing platform for alfalfa and other grass varieties
  • Solid relationships and secure supply contracts with farmers, forage growers and agriculture cooperatives
  • (Pipeline) pressing plant set up and local logistical services
  • 60K MT annual capacity


  • 22K acres of farming land in East Owaynat and Toshka dedicated to forages and other crops cultivation
  • (Pipeline) 1 processing plant in Toshka
  • 130K MT of annual trading capacity


  • Sourcing platform focusing on oaten hay
  • Dedicated to serving key customer base in Japan, China, Korea
  • 1 processing plant
  • 40K MT annual processing capacity


  • Altannaf is Al Dahra’s wholly-owned marketplace for animal feed in the UAE
  • Specialist provider of high-quality forage, grains and animal feed to cattle, camel, and hobby farms in the UAE
  • Direct to consumer sales via an e-commerce app and website