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Working at Al Dahra

An ever changing, highly competitive global landscape necessitates the development of a strong, customer responsive world-class company empowered by its vision, values and vitality. Al Dahra has consistently fostered a culture that rewards continuous learning and development across the organisation in order to meet the challenges lead by changing market realities.

Al Dahra's training and development offering includes core programmes such as:

  • Leadership
  • Capability Enhancement
  • Key Competencies Development

In parallel, we have established various customised programmes that aspire to enhance the skills of our employees, aiming to provide them with the necessary skills that help them in reaching their potential and delivering on our strategic objectives.

These programmes don’t only cover functional competencies but behavioural inputs as well, and that’s to ensure the comprehensive development of our workforce.

Al Dahra training and development vision reinforces this target by seeking to build talent and leadership, in addition to enhancing the organisational capability to compete in the marketplace and create lasting value for our stakeholders and communities.