Sustainability of the agricultural sector is at the heart of our business and a priority for how we steward our daily operations. At Al Dahra, we recognize that we have a commitment to be a leading corporate citizen, whether by supporting farmers, protecting the environment, conserving natural resources, cultivating healthy and safe produce and contributing to communities where we operate around the world.

"we are privileged to be in a position to offer farmers better opportunities.”

As a company focused on agriculture, we are privileged to be in a position to offer farmers better opportunities. We build long-term relations with farmers around the world, offer them training, tools, machineries and services that increase efficiency and promote continuous improvement in agricultural and food supply practices. Bringing innovation to the farmers to accelerate growth is critical in building long-term sustainability. Such initiatives not only improve the overall farmers’ prosperity, but also help our business better gear up to face future challenges. In addition, our farming and cultivation projects around the world contribute to the food security of host countries. A considerable share of our production is dedicated for local consumption in countries where we have established presence.

We also realize that the agriculture sector is the largest consumer of water and that we have a responsibility to preserve water and use it consciously and economically. For this, we also rely on innovation to employ the best irrigation systems and practices. In addition, we focus on implementing a careful procurement and sourcing mechanism for fertilizers and pesticides and partner with credible suppliers to ensure soil preservation and safety of production.

On a larger scale, Al Dahra has been active in building better relationships with societies and communities where we are present. Along with our partners, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders, we engage in local activities and initiatives to promote better education, improved lifestyle and environment protection.