Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Logistics Services

  • Temperature-controlled ware housing and storage facilities
  • Storage silos for raw and finished goods with continuous stock rotation
  • Customs clearance coupled with loading and off-loading services
  • Inland transportation for container and bulk (trucking, railing)
  • Air freight services
  • Sea freight services including river barging
  • Logistics operations management and door-to-door deliveries


Established agreements with international shipping lines
  • Shipping space availability guarantee
  • Negotiating power and volumes' leverage

Established relations and track record with key outbound ports
  • Ad-hoc solutions at port of loading and destination

Number one importer into the UAE
  • Roughly 110K TEUs per annum
  • Above 100K TEUS per annum (dry and reefer containers)
  • Largest import container customer at Khalifa port
Largest forage exporter out of the United States and winner of the US President Commerce E-Award
Largest forage customer of the Port of Barcelona for many consecutive years