A Diversified Business Portfolio

Al Dahra is a prominent multinational leader in agribusiness, specializing in the cultivation, production and trading of animal feed, essential food commodities and end-to-end supply chain management.

Animal Feed

  • 40+ forage varieties
  • Roughage and grasses
  • Feed commodities
  • Supplements and additives


  • Essential crops and grains (rice, flour, wheat, barley, corn and others)
  • Fresh produce (citrus, dates, grapes, apples, olives, potatoes and others)
  • Dairy (fresh milk and dairy products)


  • 400K acres land bank
  • More than 60 farms across 4 continents


  • 17 Forage processing plants
  • 3 Rice Mills
  • 2 Flour Mills
  • 2 Fruit Packhouses
  • 2 Dairy Farms


annual supply and trading capacity:

  • 500K MT of rice
  • 500K MT of flour
  • 1M MT of grains and fertilizers
  • 150K MT of fruits and vegetables


  • 2.5M MT annual shipping volume, equivalent to 175K TEUs