Al Dahra owns and operates its own production plants across the different lines of business. Production and processing is considered a core competency of the group and is an integral part of the value chain. In terms of grains milling and grinding, the company’s portfolio includes two flour mills in Greece, three rice mills across Pakistan and India and a state-of-the-art rice mill currently in the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, the company has specialty-built sorting, grading and packaging facilities for the different fruits and vegetables it farms, particularly potatoes, oranges, apples and dates.

"Al Dahra is applying the highest standards of health and safety across all working environments”

On the other hand, Al Dahra owns and operates fifteen forage processing plants in the United States, Mexico, Europe, Australia and Africa equipped with the latest processing and baling equipment for various animal feed product varieties in the form of bales and pellets.

Irrespective of the business line, the philosophy of Al Dahra with regards to processing operations remains focused on:

  • Investing in highly automated processes and technologies with minimal human intervention
  • Applying the highest standards of health and safety across all working environments
  • Complying with international standards of food and feed production and safety regulations
  • Performing product quality checks internally in specialty laboratories and via external bodies
  • Embedding a culture of continuous operational efficiency improvement and excellence