Food Security

and Social Sustainability

Recognizing the challenges posed by climate change and global warming and the continuing decrease in cultivable land and diminishing water resources available for farming, Al Dahra focuses on keeping Water and Food Security at the core of its strategy.

Al Dahra believes that it has a responsibility towards end-consumers to enhance availability, accessibility and affordability of essential food commodities and crops.

  • Energy Consumption Optimization

    • First zero carbon emission farming project in the region in collaboration with Masdar
    • 32 Acres Area
    • 20 Mega Watt solar plant
    • Significant energy and carbon emission reduction
    • 112 lines of solar sheets
    • PV Module 66K
  • Water Consumption Optimization

    • Land reclamation and irrigation development.
    • Drip irrigation systems for water usage optimization.
    • Farming satellite control.
    • Precision farming application.
  • Fertilizers Consumption Optimization

    • Fertilizers and pesticides reduction programs.
    • Ground water preservation.