Superior Flour Milling


  • Al Dahra’s stake in Loulis Mills, Greece-based leading flour miller
  • 500K MT flour annual production capacity
  • 80K MT total grains storage capacity
  • 120 different flour products + 800 different baking ingredients products
  • 25% share of the Greek market; leader in the Balkan area
  • 3 privately owned distribution centers in Greece
  • High-tech in-house laboratories
  • In-house experimental and pilot bakeries

Genera Toshevo

Bulgaria Mill Flour mill located in the heart of Bulgaria’s Dobrich wheat growing region

  • Processing capacity 130 tons/day
  • 10,000 tons wheat silo
  • State of the art flour mixing system
  • Modern Quality Control Lab

Keratsini Piraeus Port

Strategic location in the largest port in Greece with private dock

  • Dock capacity: 150 MT per hour
  • Grinding capacity: 300 MT per day
  • Grain silos capacity: 20K MT
  • Flour silos capacity: 5K MT
  • Research and development

Sourpi Magnesia Port

Private port with loading and offloading services

  • 7 production lines with a grinding capacity of 1K MT per day
  • Grain silos capacity: 55K MT
  • Flour silos capacity: 5K MT
  • Bagged products warehouse
  • Modern organic mill and pellet press